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Zest is exactly as it sounds - my attempt to capture the scent of a fresh lemon and/or lime peel. 

Citrus accords tend to be surprisingly tricky to get right... you would think something so naturally fresh and sweet would be a no-brainer, but they can easily turn sour, or even fishy, for reasons I don't fully understand. Anyway, it's been my secret mission for the past year to perfect a lemon-lime accord, and I've finally achieved my goal! 

Pair this light and incredibly fresh and realistic smelling top-note accord with any floral or herbal fragrance and allow it to add lift and juicy brightness to whatever you're wearing.

It's also perfectly OK to wear this on its own, but keep in mind that it has a short wear time as it is comprised exclusively of fleeting top-note ingredients. Also, be sure to proceed with caution when applying prior to sun exposure as citrus peel oils can be phototoxic - a little goes a long way!

Scent description:

Goes on impossibly bright, juicy, and fresh, exactly as though you've just peeled a lemon. Light, subtle floral notes develop as it wears, with a somewhat dry, balsamic finish. 

Strength and wear time:  

Light top note. Lasts approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour on the skin.

Pairs best with: 

nectar, rose, cream, lavender, tea

Best worn: 

When you need a burst of sunshine. 

When you want to add juicy lift and brightness to your favorite floral fragrance. 

When you need a wake up call! 


Organic grape essential oil, organic bergamot FCF essential oil, yuzu essential oil, cold pressed lime essential oil, organic lemon essential oils (distilled and cold pressed,) organic lemon verbena essential oil, fractionated coconut oil 

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