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No. 9

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Number 9 may be the very first time in my five+ years of perfumery where I realized that I could make whatever I wanted to make, instead of trying to make something that other people would like.

So here is exactly the type of perfume I want to make more of (and wear!) going forward. It's a big, juicy, bright, rich, sweet, powdery, musky, sexy over the top floral. It's luscious and luxurious and FANCY. It's a perfume perfume, if you know what I mean. It's not light or fresh or clean. None of those things. It is all of the other things. Like, you know, all of the good things... 

In my mind, this is what a fancy French woman packs to wear as a "lighter" option (again, it is not light,) while on a beach vacation. It is tropical and warm, but really great for any season, especially if you like bright, zesty, sweet florals that are grounded in rich, creamy woods. The real delight of this one for me is about an hour into wearing it, when the heart notes (an intense white floral accord of jasmine, plumeria, champaca,) really start to shine through in all of their classic, sweetly powdered musky glory. It is heaven. I sure hope you like it too, because I'm going to be doing my thing with scents like this one from now on! 

Scent description: 

Bright citrus notes (lemon, yuzu, lemongrass,) mingle with warm spices and the melon-like top notes of galangal root to create an aldehydic fruity burst of sweetness that's somewhat reminiscent of bubble gum.

This candied youthful quality is short lived, although the bright, tropical warmth lingers, making way for a classic, rich, white floral bouquet. 

A soft-yet-rich woody base supports and balances these over-the-top florals, leaving a grounded, subtly creamy finish that radiates off of the skin. 

Strength and wear time:  

Strong to medium. Lasts about 5-6 hours on the skin, 

Best worn: 

While vacationing (or dreaming of vacationing) in the south of France. 

On a summer date night. 

Anytime you're feeling fancy. 


Organic grape alcohol, jasmine absolute, frangipani absolute, champaca co2, lemon essential oil, yuzu essential oil, galangal root co2, ginger essential oil, cinnamon essential oil, pink peppercorn essential oil, vanilla co2, sandalwood essential oil, tonka bean absolute, vetiver essential oil, cocoa absolute, fractionated coconut oil