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No. 8

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No. 8 started off as a personal challenge I had given myself - to design a lavender-forward fragrance (it's never been my favorite) that I actually wanted to wear. 

At the time I secretly had hopes of pleasing all of my customers who just loooooooved lavender, but seeing how this was something I created for myself, of course it turned out to be too moody and "earthy" (as if anything can be "too" earthy!) to be a crowd pleaser. OH WELL. 

More for me. 

For this brand, I've made this scent even more "earthy" (I put this word in quotation marks because everything I make COMES FROM THE EARTH SO OF COURSE IT'S EARTHY) by seriously embellishing the base note composition to extend the wear time and just generally make it more interesting. To the original, minimal base of orris, amyris, and tobacco, I've added more tobacco, two different types of cedarwood, plantation grown sandalwood, oakmoss, patchouli and sweet styrax resin. That's right. I'm no longer tiptoeing around those earth notes here at Notes by SGC. And I'll let you in on a little secret - they're kind of the best part. 

To compensate for this much more substantial base I also fleshed out and bumped up the heart notes - I used my lavender note, comprised of 4 different lavenders, and added sweet, rich black spruce absolute to the essential oil to make it feel like a real-life forest bathing excursion. 

The top notes are the same - laurel leaf with a hint of cinnamon, which reads more crisp than warm - so don't let it throw you off! Overall, this is a cool, (yet warm, because apparently the interplay between cool and warm is something I'm forever exploring,) woodsy lavender fragrance that I really do want to wear.

Here's hoping you feel the same...

   Scent description:

Spicy, camphorous bay laurel and cinnamon leaf introduce this scent with a brief, uplifting sharpness that quickly cools, leading the nose to a fresh, coniferous forest. 

There, herbaceous, fresh-yet-sweet lavender intertwines with radiant black spruce. A somewhat damp, mossy undertone balances the arial, sparkling evergreen. 

As the coolness dissipates, a mellow powder overtakes the woods like a light fog. A warm balsamic, rich wood makes itself known. Sticky sweet resin with a faint imprint of the forest lingers on the skin.

Strength and wear time: 

Medium strong - the light, fresh top and middle notes wear for a short time, while the sweet balsam base notes linger for somewhere between 5-7 hours.  

Best worn: 

Early fall, or on a moody, rainy day any time of the year. 

When you want to be refreshed, yet grounded.

If you feel like you could use some forest bathing.


organic grape alcohol, a blend of lavender essential oils (maillette, spike, high elevation, organic french lavender,) organic black spruce essential oil, black spruce absolute, organic laurel leaf essential oil, cinnamon leaf essential oil, orris root butter, sandalwood essential oil, wild atlas cedarwood, amyris essential oil, tobacco absolute, patchouli essential oil, oakmoss absolute, virginia cedarwood, liquidambar styrax oleoresin, fractionated coconut oil