No. 7
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No. 7

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When I first made Number 7 for Twinkle Apothecary, my goal was to make something soft and elegant, like a timeless cashmere sweater, and although I've made a few tiny tweaks, I think that what I have ended up with here, today, is still indeed a sweater perfume. 

What's a sweater perfume you ask? I don't know, it's just a term that I made up (I think? It may actually be a real thing?!) to describe a scent that you want to spray all over a sweater so you can wrap yourself up in something extra soft and cozy and delicious. 

Now this may lead you to believe that we're talking about something seasonal/warm/spicy, but on the contrary, No. 7 is actually springy, sweet, and green - in the softest, juiciest, brighten-up-a-rainy-March-day kind of way. 

Truthfully, I thought I was setting out to make the perfect, creamy, bright, luscious orange blossom fragrance with this one, but it took a slightly different turn - because I mixed up all of the pretty floral-citrus notes that I always thought I would love to wear together and was immediately bored by it all. Like, what am I? A 15 year old girl from 1998 with a bottle of Clinique Happy? NO. (Not anymore at least!) 

So I added a little cilantro.

And some grassy, green violet leaf.

And for this line, the one real tweak I've made is to bump the candied red mandarin and blood orange top notes waaaaay up because they really make the orange blossom and plumeria come to life. 

This may sound like like it's getting a bit too bright and sunny, but that's where the soft and fuzzy base notes come in - vanilla, sandalwood, and benzoin are like a light, sticky amber that blurs the brightness and adds just the right amount of depth without being too moody.  

As I write this, on a rainy, very cool March day, wearing this scent makes me say, "YES YES YES!" (Ok, sometimes I do jump up and down like an excited 15 year old girl when something I made hits just right.)

It's exactly what I was going for, even if I didn't know it at first... 

 Scent description: 

Sharp, tangy orange zest and a faint metallic green wake up the senses. Although initially pungent, they become quickly sugared, leading the way to warm, bright, creamy white florals. 

This lush sweetness is tempered by a slightly grassy undercurrent, just enough green to remind one of the scent of dewy leaves and stems in a flower garden.

Soft, creamy, somewhat animalic, powdery resin and vanilla notes anchor the brightness, adding a comforting warmth to the skin throughout the expression of this fragrance. 

Strength and wear time: 

Soft but long wearing. Lasts approximately 4-6 hours on the skin.  

Best worn: 

On a rainy spring day. 

In the winter when you need a little warmth and brightness. 

When you want to give a little nod to your inner 15 year old girl. 


 Organic grape alcohol, blood orange essential oil, red mandarin essential oil, frangipani absolute, neroli essential oil, orange blossom absolute, ginger essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil, rose absolute, sandalwood essential oil, benzoin extract, vanilla CO2, cilantro essential oil, violet leaf absolute, fractionated coconut oil