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No. 6

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Number 6 is a soft green, woody, mossy, powdery scent. The formula is simple, but the fragrance is very dynamic and interesting. 

There is no story behind this one, unless you consider me preemptively producing the base note composition for a custom client just before they changed their minds and went with the other option then designing a scent around what I had already made so it wouldn't go to waste a story...

Interestingly enough, I reach for this one myself personally often. It's what I wear when I don't know what I want to wear, because it covers a lot of ground - from fresh, green, floral, woodsy, to sweet, powdery, musky, and intriguing/mysterious. There's something about it that you just can't quite put your finger on in the best kind of way. That something is fenugreek - a spice used frequently in middle eastern and Indian cuisine - but the effect it gives this fragrance isn't spicy at all. It adds a sweet, maple-like, nutty, powdery warmth that has a slight celeriac, vegetal undertone. (See? Maple and celery. Doesn't get much more dynamic than that!)

Don't let that combination scare you off though - this mostly reads as a forrest-y green soft musk. The top notes are especially fresh. Actually, you know what? I'm among friends here, so it doesn't need to be fresh, am I right? Just get a little bit weird and give it a try. 

Scent description: 

Goes on sharp, with piney aldehydic forrest notes.

An undercurrent of sticky balsam and bitter greens backs a fresh, warm floral that's sweet but not cloying. 

A warm, powdery, nutty sweetness develops over time as the top and middle notes fade away. This is grounded by rich, dark earth and moss. 

   Strength and wear time:

Goes on strong but softens after a short while. This fragrance plays out over the span of 4-6 hours. 

 Best worn: 

Any season or weather. 

When you don't know what you want to wear. 

When you don't want anyone else to be able to put their finger on what you're wearing. (So mysterious!) 


organic grape alcohol, petitgrain essential oil, black spruce essential oil, frankincense essential oil, orange blossom absolute, jasmine absolute, tonka bean absolute, patchouli essential oil, oakmoss absolute, tonka bean absolute, fenugreek CO2 extract, fractionated coconut oil 

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