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No. 4

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Number 4 came out of a seasonal fragrance idea I had for Twinkle Apothecary that I called "Amber Desert" and I think that's pretty much all you need to know, but of course I will tell you more!

The star of this scent is an artisan distilled wild pinyon essential oil, which is, all at once, a mix of fresh, clear, coniferous, forrest notes, with a sweet, fruity top and somewhat resinous, smoky, (and unmistakably pinyon-woody) undercurrent. 

That pinyon wood undercurrent plays out perfectly in the long drydown with rich, leathery labdanum, tobacco, (a new addition!) and the smoothest vetiver. 

In between the fresh, fruity top (thanks to the peach-y pinyon and a splash of tart cognac) and the dry, amber-ish (I got tired of writing -y) base, there are green, grassy herbs, cool lavender playing with warm hints of spice, and a whole lot of rich, honeyed pink lotus absolute because I can't just blend up your basic herbs and call it a day.  

For this reincarnation, in addition to tobacco at the base, I've added holy basil to the top (plays so well with that fresh, herbaceous-but-fruity thing this scent has going on,) and I replaced plain old lavender with my lavender note perfume blend (and added just a smidge more to really smooth things out.) I don't think these changes are terribly noticeable - to my nose it's the same scent - only much more harmonized and well rounded. If this was a favorite of yours before, I have no doubt that you'll love it even more now. 

Scent Description: 

First - bright, clear, sweet woods with a resinous, smoky undertone introduce cool, grassy herbs. 

Next - crisp, green herbal notes begin to intermingle with a hint of warm spice - the juxtaposition of which being almost reminiscent of licorice.

Finally - the warmth of the spice notes takes over and leads into rich, deep, smoothly sweet pink lotus. Notes of leather and incense with a lush-but-dry herbal undercurrent remain on the skin at the finish.

Strength and wear time:  

Strong and long wearing. Lasts approximately 5-6 hours on the skin. 

Best worn:

On a bright, early fall day. 

Or, any season or time of day (or night.) 

When you need to clear your mind and steady your spirit.


Organic grape alcohol, wild pinyon essential oil, pink lotus absolute, labdanum absolute, laurel leaf essential oil, clove essential oil, holy basil essential oil, lavender essential oils (maliette, organic, high elevation, spike,) white sage essential oil, geranium essential oil, coriander CO2 extract, palo santo essential oil, vetiver essential oils (India, double distilled,) tobacco absolute, cognac essential oil, fractionated coconut oil