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No. 3

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I think of No. 3 as a real, bold, grown up perfume. Not for the faint of heart.

When I originally made this for Twinkle Apothecary, I remember that I wanted to make something unapologetically floral and unapologetically dirty. I was particularly interested in the interplay between jasmine, cannabis, and patchouli - the juxtaposition of an intensely sweet night blossoming floral with the greenness of stems and the richness of bulbs rooting into the earth. Here's an excerpt of the blog post I wrote when I released the first version of this scent, which I think still sums up the "story" behind this one quite nicely:  

"Edition 01 is embarking on a journey into the unknown - the deep dark woods of my shadow self. Edition 02 is a nostalgic, comforting reprieve from the cold winter. With that perspective, edition 03 became about where I am today - walking out on my own into the warm night, rooting deeply into the earth, stretching my arms up to the moon and blossoming."

While No.1 and 2 are undeniably seasonal, I think this one is appropriate for any season and any time of day. It goes on bright and zesty, but you're left with a sultry trail of sweet, powdery orris and patchouli at the end of the day (or night.)  

If you're familiar with the previous version, note that No. 3 has had a makeover for this brand - I've added sweet, peppery shiso leaf, crisp white grapefruit, musky, green angelica root, and rich, animalic agarwood. I also bumped up the jasmine and replaced the patchouli quality with a double distilled version that wears much longer and sweeter. To me, it reads less sharp at the top, and it's more "pretty" than "dirty" now, but I happen to think it's better than ever. (I've always said that if I had a "signature scent," this would be it, and that still very much holds true!)

 Scent description:

Zingy, aldehydic notes of crisp citrus and pepper briefly introduce an intensely rich jasmine that's backed by slightly bitter greens.

A dense, indolic sweetness defines the heart of this scent, tamed ever so slightly by the musky, green herbs and earth at the base. 

A trail of rich, powdered earth with warm, woody undertones lingers in the dry down.

Strength and wear time: 

STRONG. Somewhat long wearing - lasts approximately 4-6 hours on the skin. 

Best worn: 

Any time, any season.

When you want a bold, rich perfume that makes a strong statement.

When you need to feel rooted into the earth so that you can bloom to your fullest expression. 


Organic grape alcohol, jasmine absolute (grandiflorum,) shiso leaf essential oil, orris root butter, patchouli essential oil, white grapefruit essential oil, black pepper essential oil, verbena essential oil, clary sage essential oil, cannabis essential oil, coriander CO2 extract, agarwood essential oil, angelica root CO2 extract, fractionated coconut oil