No. 2 natural organic fragrance notes by sgc
natural organic perfume samples notes by sgc
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No. 2

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Number 2 is a soft and sweet winter musk that's substantial, grounding, and nostalgic. 

There isn't much of a story behind this one, other than I was playing with ways to elevate mint out of aromatherapy territory and wanting to showcase one of my favorite green floral notes, carnation. 

If you're into stories - perhaps we could say that this is a continuation from your No. 1 adventure. You're lost in the woods as it turns cold and begins to snow. Eventually you find a softly lit cabin with sweet smoke billowing from chimney and are welcomed in to warm yourself by the fire with a nutmeg scented coffee. As the richness of the wood and sweet, sparkling vanilla musk envelop your senses, you get the feeling that you've been here before. Maybe this is what home feels like. Or, something to that effect...  

If you were familiar with this scent when it was Edition 2 of the Asterisk Collection from Twinkle Apothecary, I'd like to warn you that I've redesigned it for my Notes brand. The variety of vanilla I used when I first designed this fragrance is no longer available, so I've replaced it with the vanilla blend from my Cream note. I've also taken the liberty of adding wintergreen, balsam fir absolute, vetiver, and ambrette seed to make it a much longer wearing true musk. I hope you'll be pleased with this new version (and I think you will be!)   

 Scent description: 

Goes on like a minty fresh snow covered forrest. Woodsy, and sharp, but sweet, with an underlying balsamic richness.

A powdery, green softness blurs the edges and leads the way towards a rich, warm, grounding base with notes of sweet smoke and a sparkling light musk. 

Refreshing mint lingers throughout the expression of this fragrance. 

Strength and wear time: 

Soft and mellow, but diffusive and long wearing. Lasts approximately 5 hours on the skin. 

Best worn: 

On a snow day. 

When you need a breath of fresh air. 

When you want to be comforted.


Organic grape alcohol, organic Douglas fir essential oil, spearmint essential oil, peppermint essential oil, carnation absolute, balsam fir absolute, roasted coffee bean oil, nutmeg essential oil, vanilla co2, balsam of Peru essential oil, tonka bean absolute, benzoin extract, cedarwood essential oil, vetiver essential oil, tobacco absolute, ambrette seed co2, organic wintergreen essential oil, opopanax essential oil, fractionated coconut oil