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No. 10

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Number 10... 


(that pause is me, shaking my head)

Number 10 is something that I actually made for a boyfriend. 

(Are you cringing as hard reading this as I am typing it out right now?) 

Why I, a fully gown, fully independent 38 year old woman, who has definitely had enough boyfriends to know better at this point, thought it would be a good idea to spend weeks (and weeks!) creating a fragrance based off of a childhood scent memory (orange peel smoking in a stove,) as a Christmas gift for someone I've only known for 5 months is something I'm still trying to understand... 

Perhaps the thing I should really definitely know better about at this point is that life is never going to be as romantic as I want it to be in my head.

I think that's the whole reason why I make fragrances though. I want to make life more beautiful. I want to make things that touch people. I want MORE ROMANCE, dammit! What I got instead, was a sweater from Target.

So I guess he didn't get it, but maybe one of you out there, reading this right now, will.  

As I said, think of orange peel smoking in a stove with this one. This is an autumn/winter appropriate scent, without being overtly holiday themed - unless of course your childhood holiday memories also involve the scent of smoked citrus peel... in which case, you're welcome! 

I used a mix of blood orange, tangerine, and my zest blend to get a very true to life and very strong orange peel note that carries through the whole expression of this fragrance - normally citrus notes fade very quickly, but this one is *very* orange, all the way through. Fennel is the other note you notice right at the top - it lends an anise-like herbal sharpness that keeps it feeling fresh, lively, and a little bit green. 

Of course there's clove - sweetened up with a touch of creamy ylang ylang - but again - I wasn't going for an overtly Christmas smell here, so it's also crisped up with some medicinal spike lavender, fresh blue cypress, and herbaceous yet-musky clary sage. 

And the base, smoky, yes, with two different cedar woods, cistus, tobacco, and vetiver - but also, sweet, with styrax and vanilla, but also, I don't think that this is too smoky or too sweet - to me it actually reads kind of fresh - but that may just be the way the remaining orange and fennel mingle with the oakmoss on my skin.

 I hope you appreciate this one, even more so than my ex. ;) 

 Scent description: 

Fresh, sharp orange zest bursts from the bottle, which dims (without disappearing,) in the first few moments as it melds with sweet-yet-crisp fennel, and soft rosewood.

A subtle-but-rich spice envelops the citrus in a sweet depth, while herbaceous woods keep it from cloying. That subtle sweetness carries through, although it is tempered by a slightly bitter, green, woody musk. 

Finally, mossy woods and rich smoke linger on the skin, anchored by a blurred, leathery, amber-like sweetness.

Strength and wear time: 

Strong. Lasts approximately 6-7 hours on the skin.

Best worn: 

On a crisp winter day (or evening!) 

When you want to evoke some winter romance with a subtly christmasy undertone.

If you ever think of me, I guess. (HA!)


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