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This was the very first "big" fragrance I created in 2017, and I'm still incredibly proud of how it turned out. Actually, it might still be the "biggest" scent in my collection, (scent wise,) and also my personal all-time favorite. 

I remember that it was early fall when the idea came to me, and I was about to take a big leap in my career by opening my first brick and mortar shop. I felt like I was at the beginning of a new journey, and while I didn't know exactly where I was going, I had the sense that I was right where I was meant to be, as if everything was finally falling into place. It felt magical in a way I still can't describe, maybe because at the same time I was also coming to understand the magic in this work - in making things with precious materials from the earth and sharing them with others to wear throughout their lives. With this scent, I was making something more than a pleasant and marketable fragrance to mix into a deodorant and take to the farmer's market. I was making a feeling - a piece of me and my imagination and heart that I didn't, and still don't, have the words to describe. 

Thankfully, fragrances transcend words, although, I suppose I should try to describe what it smells like for you now... 

Scent description:

 First, it is resinous, green, and forrest-y with slightly musty, damp undertones. 

Next, a rich sweetness and warmth overtakes the top notes. The heart of this scent is confident, sensual, sparkling, and somewhat powdery, in the most elegant way. It's technically floral, but only slightly. The overall effect is warm, spicy, and autumnal. 

A deep, woody, mossy, somewhat dirty, but smooth base is what lingers on your skin at the end of this journey. It's a forest floor strewn with decaying leaves, mystery, and magic. 

Strength and wear time: 

Extremely strong and long wearing. Lasts about 8 hours on the skin. 

Best worn: 

In the fall and winter. 

At nighttime. 

When you're feeling magical. 


organic grape alcohol, pine essential oil, basil essential oil, frankincense essential oil, jasmine absolute, clove essential oil, clary sage essential oil, cardamom CO2, oak moss absolute, patchouli essential oil, benzoin essential oil, labdanum absolute, vanilla CO2, violet leaf absolute, fractionated coconut oil 

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