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Who doesn't love lavender? 

Actually, I don't. That is, I should say that I used to not love lavender... 

When I started working with essential oils, I really wanted to like lavender because every time I went to the farmer's market (which was every Saturday morning for the first couple of years,) someone would come up to my table and ask if I had anything with lavender because they just looooooved lavender, but... I just didn't. I couldn't get over the sharp, medicinal top notes whenever I opened my bottle, even in the sweetest, most floral variety I could find. It was jarring to me. Too clean. Or, trying too hard, perhaps?

Over the past few years, I've come to appreciate the freshness and complexity of this herbal scent. It's not something that I always reach for to wear personally, but I keep it in my back pocket whenever I need to lighten up a floral or bring a heavy wood note to life.

For this single note perfume, I wanted to evoke the feeling of opening a bulk bag of freshly dried lavender buds - a refreshing moment from my workdays that I've come to truly enjoy. If you just looooooove lavender, I'm positive this will hit the spot. If you just don't, like me, you may still want to keep this one in your back pocket for whenever you need to be refreshed. 

Scent description:

Clear, refreshing, cool top notes reminiscent of freshly dried lavender buds, with herbaceous green, soft woody, floral undertones. Becomes sweeter and slightly more rich in the drydown. Middle to top note. 

  Strength and wear time: 

Medium to light. Lasts about 1 - 2 hours on the skin. 

Best worn: 

When you need a refresh. 

Any season, any weather. 

To add a little lightness and tranquility to your scent/day. 

Pairs well with: 

Tea, Rose, Cream, Amber


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