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Cedarwood smells like everything that's good in the world. 

It's comforting and familiar,

warm, rich, deep, smoky, and resinous, 

but also simultaneously - 

sharp, fresh, uplifting, and sweet. 

It's masculine, it's feminine,

it's everything, all at once.

Wear this woody single-note scent alone to enjoy its multitude of complexities, or let it be a grounding base layer to enhance any other note.

Scent description:

Goes on fresh, with a warm-but-sparkling musk quality that shines brightly after a few moments of wear. Like freshly cut cedar.

Undercurrents of smoke circle the rich balsam wood as the scent fades, eventually imparting a sweet, amber-like resin on the skin.  Base note.

Strength and wear time:

Substantial but not overpowering. Lasts approximately 3-5 hours on the skin.

Best worn: 

Any season, any time of day.

When you'd rather be outside.

When you want a base note that's also fresh and uplifting. 

Pairs well with: 



Organic grape spirits, Virginia cedarwood essential oil, Himalayan cedarwood essential oil, Atlas cedarwood absolute, Texas cedarwood essential oil, copaiba balsam, rosewood leaf essential oil, liquidambar styrax balsam, organic fractionated coconut oil