When will my order ship? 

Within 1 - 5 business days. 

Can you ship my Notes order together with my Twinkle Apothecary order? 

Yes, if you have a Twinkle Apothecary order waiting to ship, I will bundle them together if you leave a note or email me to let me know. Any shipping fee overages will be refunded after your order ships. Note that this may extend your order processing time as I may have other orders to process before I can ship yours. Also, please don't make me hold your order because you're planning to place an order soon - just place the second order ASAP and then let me know they're meant to ship together. 

Do you ship internationally? 

Not at this time, however, I might be able to work something out if you email me. Please familiarize yourself with the rules for shipping alcohol based perfumes to your country and understand that any import fees or taxes will be your responsibility.   

What is your return policy? 

All sales are final. Please order a sample before purchasing a full size bottle.

Where can I smell these in-person before I buy? 

I will have the collection available to test at my Twinkle Apothecary brick and mortar shop in Oklahoma City after I reopen. (Currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.) I am not planning to wholesale to other shops at this time. Again, the best way to know if you'll love a scent is to try it on your skin, so I maintain that ordering samples is still the best way to choose a fragrance. 

Are your products vegan and cruelty free? 

Of course! I am a long-time vegan and I use the same cruelty-free suppliers that I source for my PETA approved Twinkle Apothecary line.

I prefer oil based perfumes, why don't you offer these in oil? 

I prefer alcohol based perfumes, and this is my brand. :) 

I offer a very wide selection of oil based roll-on perfumes at my other shop, Twinkle Apothecary

Can you make me something custom? 

I am not taking custom orders at this time.

I'm looking for "X" kind of perfume... do you have anything like that? 

Please use the "filter by" drop down menu at the top of the collection page to search for perfumes by type/ingredient. Then, read the description in the product listings for more information. If you don't see what you're looking for, I likely don't offer anything like it yet, but I may soon so be sure to sign up for my email list to stay informed about new releases. 

But this is so overwhelming! 

Yes, there is a lot to explore, but what's the rush? Natural perfume is a luxury, and this isn't an urgent need for anyone. Take your time, use the filters to sort the collection, read the descriptions and choose some samples to try. If browsing this website isn't a fun experience for you, please feel free to shop anywhere else. 

But which of these scents would you say is the most masculine? 

*face palm*

I'd like to order a lot of different samples, and I'm wondering if you offer bundle discounts? 

Not at this time. Please choose your samples carefully if the cost is a concern for you. I'll also point you in the direction of my perfume discovery sample kit on the Twinkle Apothecary website, where these fragrances might make an occasional appearance. 

Do you teach classes, workshops, or offer events? 

No, this isn't that kind of a thing... sorry. 

What is the shelf life of your fragrances? 

Alcohol based fragrances should be good for a few years if kept in a cool, dry spot. However, it is normal for the scents to change a bit over a long time - some ingredients will fade while some will deepen. Note that sediment and particulate matter floating in the bottle is a normal occurrence when the natural fragrance material doesn't completely dissolve in the alcohol base and is not an indication that your fragrance has "turned."   

Wait, how do I use these? I'm new to natural perfume... do I need to dilute it or anything? 

Nope! These are pre-diluted and ready to be worn just as you would any other perfume. Do take care to avoid spraying darker colored perfumes on white/ligher fabrics as they may stain. (Also note that I am not responsible for stains and don't know how to remove them. Please take your laundry questions elsewhere!) 

How do I layer my notes together? 

There are no rules to fragrance layering - I encourage you to experiment with different techniques and application methods (roll on vs. spray) to find what works for you. That being said, I'd start by applying the base, or, strongest note and let the alcohol dry off before you layer a lighter fragrance (or two!) on top.