about the production

Every single product on this website is designed, produced, bottled, and labeled by my hands, making them true artisanal products. Natural perfumery is an extremely slow process - everything is blended drop by drop - and I often spend months getting a scent just right. 

I produce everything in very small batches to ensure the bottles are not sitting on my shelf for long before they arrive in your hands, which means that I'm always working to ensure you have the most quality product possible. 

I keep the label design and packaging very simple because I'd rather put my money into high-quality natural ingredients, and because I want to ensure that all of the scents are considered gender-neutral.

You might notice that the price points are a little higher here than at my other business, Twinkle Apothecary. That's because I promised myself if I ever started over, I wouldn't discount the value of my labor, nor the value of the precious ingredients in the bottles, ever. With this brand, the focus is on the fragrances - they're not an afterthought to necessities like skincare and deodorant. However, I think you'll find that if you shop for comparable natural artisanal fragrances, these are still an incredible value. Natural perfume is something that should be chosen carefully and enjoyed mindfully. I hope you'll treasure what's in these bottles as much as I do.  

- SGC -