about notes

There are two different product lines in my collection - called notes, and numbers. 

Notes are single note fragrances that can either be worn by themselves or layered together to create your own scent. They're very well concentrated, yet sheer and simple enough to be worn with other fragrances if you'd like to put a unique, natural twist on an old favorite. They're perfect for anyone who's interested in experimenting with different kinds of natural fragrances or can never pick just one scent! Oh, and I refer to them as single notes, but they're actually a little, or a lot, more complex than that - each scent is comprised of multiple ingredients to create an accord that (hopefully) evokes the true essence of the scent I'm trying to achieve.

The strength and wear time of each note is different, and depends on the scent you choose. Some notes are top notes, which won't last more than a few moments on the skin, some notes are middle notes, which will last for about 30 minutes to a couple of hours, and some are base notes, which will remain on your skin throughout the day. This information can be found in each product listing so you know what to expect.   

Numbers are fully concentrated fragrances comprised of top, middle, and base note accords, which are meant to stand alone. These are my big, complex, experimental ideas, and most of them are bold, interesting, (I'm not always going for "pretty,") and very long wearing. I chose to give them numbers instead of names because I want you to create your own associations with the scents as you wear them in your life, instead of attaching yourself to my branding and stories. 

Every fragrance on this site (in both the notes and numbers lines) comes in a 5 ml roll-on bottle or a 15 ml spray. Both options are based in organic grape alcohol, so just choose the application method that you prefer. Alcohol is my preferred carrier for my fragrances because I feel that it's a cleaner, more crisp, true-to-life method of experiencing the scents, and because I find that fragrances based in alcohol actually last longer on my skin than those based in oil. (If you're looking for oil based roll-on perfumes, I have a very wide selection available at my other shop, Twinkle Apothecary.) Because these are full strength fragrances that aren't diluted, I recommend letting the alcohol dry off for a moment before sniffing so you can experience the top notes without inhaling too much of the alcohol. 

Another note - I provide the full ingredients list for every fragrance on my site because I believe that you have a right to know exactly what you're putting on your body, but please don't think too much over each individual ingredient when deciding on a scent. Sometimes I put an extremely minuscule amount of something in a blend to enhance the main notes, and that doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to notice it. Remember to keep an open mind as you browse the collection and order samples to experience the scents in person!  

$6 1 ml sample vials are available for every fragrance and are sold à la carte. The samples can be found in each product listing - simply select it from the drop down list on the product page.

- SGC -