about natural fragrances

I'm a bit of a purist regarding the products that I put on my body, which is why I exclusively work with natural, plant-based ingredients. Opponents of natural perfumes will tell you that they're inferior to synthetics because they lead to skin sensitivity, don't last long enough on your skin, and aren't the most sustainable option because they use up too many natural resources. And you know what? That's all true. Except, I believe, for the notion that that makes naturals an "inferior" product. 

Natural ingredients like essential oils can indeed cause skin sensitivity, which is why you should always try a sample on a small patch of skin to see how it reacts with your body chemistry. Sadly, some people can't wear essential oil-based perfumes because it causes allergic reactions on their skin. This is one reason why I always list every ingredient that goes into my bottles - so that you can make an informed decision when deciding what to put on your body.   

It's also true that natural ingredients typically don't last as long on your skin as synthetics. If there's one idea you take away from me and this website, I hope it's that "long-lasting" does not equal "quality." The ingredients added to mainstream fragrances to make them longer lasting include hormone-disrupting chemicals like phthalates and parabens, so it's no wonder mainstream brands don't want to list their ingredients. On this website, I've done my best to give you an idea of how long each fragrance will last on your skin, but, it's different for everyone. I find that noses vary greatly in sensitivity and their ability to detect different fragrances. Being "nose blind" to your own scent really is a thing, so just remember that even if you can't smell yourself, the person next to you may still be picking up your scent. 

And, sustainability. Yes, natural ingredients do use up precious natural resources, that is true. However, with this brand, it's not my intention to disrupt the multi-billion dollar fragrance industry or to turn the entire world into natural perfume aficionados. I just want to create beautiful things that allow me to treasure and enjoy the natural world. I only want to share them with people who will appreciate my ingredients and ideas as much as I do. That's one reason why you'll notice that I don't offer any promotions or discounts here. These ingredients are so precious, and I want them to be chosen carefully and enjoyed mindfully. My packaging design is very simple because I strive to keep my fragrances affordable, but that doesn't make them any less special than something that comes in a big, fancy bottle.

I only source from suppliers committed to sustainability, which is why you may eventually come back to find that your favorite scent has changed in a small way, or is temporarily unavailable due to ingredient scarcity. Some of the ingredients I use are only available seasonally due to conservation restrictions. I strive to keep my cabinet stocked, but it's not always possible. All the more reason to savor your natural perfume! 

One more thing - if you love perfume but are new to natural ingredients, you may find yourself surprised by how different natural ingredients actually smell. Mainstream perfumers can be pretty loose in their interpretation of different notes - to the point where I've even had a few customers tell me that my ingredients from nature smell "fake" to them. (I assure you, they are not. Just because something is new to you doesn't mean it's not valid or "real.") 

All materials that come from the earth have an inherently "earthy" quality to them, so I usually try to avoid using terms like "earthy" or "fresh" to describe natural scents. They're all earthy, and all fresh. There are many different varieties of plants and flowers, each containing hundreds of chemical compounds that make up each plant's unique fragrance. A rose from Bulgaria smells different than a rose from Morocco, which smells entirely different from rose de Mai, and the fragrance of each can vary slightly from lot to lot, depending on the soil or other growing conditions. There's so much complexity to naturals, and I believe those variations are what make natural fragrances so unique.

Because these materials come from living things, I feel that there's a palpable, dynamic energy to them that you could never recreate in a lab. However, naturals aren't for everyone - if you need your rose to always smell exactly the same, by all means, choose a synthetic instead.

- SGC -