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natural organic perfume samples notes by sgc
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This subtly sweet herbal note is going to make your nose happy whether you're an avid tea drinker or not. 

I've yet to find a decent, true tea-derived absolute or essential oil, but I often find myself opening bottles of herbal scents, and thinking, "Wow, this is just like tea!" (Have I mentioned that I LOVE TEA? So much that I'm actually embarrassed to admit how much tea I drink throughout my days, especially during the winter months. I have a feeling that this is a perfumer "thing," but I'm the only perfumer I know, so I can't say for sure!) 

For this note, I've arranged my favorite tea-adjacent smells to come up with something that captures the freshness, depth, and soothing qualities of my favorite herbal beverage. It's not the strongest scent in my collection, but still very much worth a sniff.

Scent description: 

Bright but smooth, herbaceous, slightly sweet and musky. Green and somewhat grassy, but with with subtle notes of tobacco and hints of leather. Reminiscent of an oolong or a mix of green and black teas. Light middle to top note. 

Strength and wear time: 

Light to medium. Last 30 minutes to 2 hours on the skin. 

Best worn: 

Any season, any weather. 

When you want to smell sophisticated but not like you're wearing "perfume." 

When you need an uplifting mood boost. 

Pairs well with: 

Lavender, Rose, Cream, Amber, Nectar (Everything!) 


Organic grape alcohol, tulip tree absolute, clary sage essential oil, fractionated coconut oil, organic palmarosa essential oil, organic sweet marjoram essential oil