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The first time I remember encountering an amber fragrance was when I visited Paris in 2005, about a decade before I ever thought about becoming a perfumer. I stayed at the Hôtel Plaza Athénné, (which was the most fabulous place this Okie had ever seen,) and they had these incredibly heady, rich, smoky candles burning at seemingly all hours of the day and night. I couldn't place the scent and I honestly couldn't tell if I loved it or hated it, but there was no doubt it mingled beautifully with the crisp September air.  

Finally, right before I left, I worked up the courage to ask what that smell was, and the concierge simply said, "Amber." From that point forward I searched in vain to find that fragrance again. (I should have asked for the brand!) I picked up every perfume and candle that had the word "amber" on it, but no luck. Nothing compared to that fancy, smoky, perfectly Parisian amber fragrance that had been burned into my memory. 

When I started making my own perfumes, I knew I had to recreate that scent. A real, French amber, not like all of those imposters I had been sniffing since my trip to Paris. After a little bit of research and a lot of experimenting, voilà! I was finally back in France! 

This blend is a bit more refined and less sweet than that first attempt, and it also contains a touch of ancient fossilized baltic amber resin from the Himalayas. It's one of those mysterious scents that's so difficult to describe, but once you smell it, you know. 

Scent description:

Warm, animalic, deep, woody, resinous, rich, leather-y, smoky, mineral, and slightly sweet/caramelized. Base note. 

Strength and wear time: 

Medium-strong, but mellow. Medium to long wearing. Lasts about 4-5 hours on the skin.  

Best worn: 

In the fall and winter. 

At night. 

Or, anytime, if you are French. 

Pairs well with: 

Rose, Cream, Lavender, Tea


Organic grape alcohol, benzoin extract, wildcrafted labdanum absolute, vanilla co2, fractionated coconut oil, organic sunflower oil, fossilized amber resin

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