Welcome to Notes

Welcome to my new home for my new perfume creations! 

If you're joining me from Twinkle Apothecary, hi. You might be wondering why I chose to open a second shop and make a whole new line of fragrances. Or, perhaps not - hopefully it makes perfect sense that I've created a separate space to explore my perfumery pursuits. 

Basically, perfume is my passion, but it's not necessarily what all of my Twinkle Apothecary customers are interested in, so I'm dedicating this space solely to natural perfume.  

I don't know if you can tell by the fact that I put my full name in the brand, but this is my personal space to explore, learn, create whatever I want, dive deep, get nerdy, and hopefully share/sell my creations to those who appreciate natural fragrances as much as I do.

This is not a "brand." This is my side hobby, and I don't plan for it to be a fully fledged business for quite some time, or perhaps ever, so expect minimal marketing, promotions, and just an all-around slower process and vibe than what you've come to expect from my day-job business. However, that's not to say that the products are to be taken any less seriously. If anything, this is my "luxury" line. I feel that I've gone "all out" with these scents, and I'm quite proud of them. 

My hope is that, if, like me, you enjoy exploring natural fragrances, this will be a place for you to enjoy exploring on your own. Put your feet up, get a cup of tea and/or a glass of wine, (I often drink both simultaneously... no judgement here) and read about what I have to offer and dream about where they might take you. Of course, I'm always happy to answer questions via email, but the only way to know what kinds of fragrances you'll like to wear is to actually try them on, which is why I've made small, inexpensive samples available for every product. Finding a fragrance to wear should be a slow, thoughtful process. It's a creative, joyful, romantic pursuit. No need to rush. Take your time. Read the descriptions. Order the samples of the scents you find most intriguing, put them on your body, and see what happens. 

There's no need to find "the one" either - the notes line is meant to be layered, mixed, matched, and paired with your other favorite fragrances so that you can adjust and adapt your personal scent to any mood, season, or feeling. I personally can't imagine just wearing one fragrance every day for the rest of my life - the "signature fragrance" idea is a trick that mainstream brands use to get you to identify yourself with their label and eventually buy more of their overpriced branded products, while I'm much more interested in giving you a space to be even more completely yourself, which hopefully will grow and evolve over time, much like my creations!

Speaking of which, all of these fragrances are gender neutral, and I am not accepting questions about which ones are the most "masculine." Out with that noise, once and for all. 

As of today, I have 6 single note fragrances - called "notes" in my collection, and I've managed to produce, photograph, and list only the first two (out of 9) "numbers" from what was previously known as the Asterisk Collection from my Twinkle Apothecary brand. I hope to list one or two more numbers each week until they're all back in stock - but again, I'm taking my time here to make sure I do them all justice. After that, I have a million more ideas for both the notes and my fully fledged number collection that I can't wait to work on and share. 

Before you're off to explore and order samples, I have a tip for you - I've tagged every fragrance with descriptive terms - whether they're strong, light, best for summer, winter, autumnal, floral, woody, spicy, etc., etc., so if you're looking for something specific, go to the top of the collection page where it says "FILTER BY" to choose a search term from the drop down menu. 

After that, you're on your own. I would very much appreciate it if you could take the time to actually read the pages, FAQs, product descriptions, etc., before coming to me with questions. I've put so much work into sharing all of the information that you could possibly need to know about these products here on the website, and I already stay very busy with the customer service aspect of my Twinkle Apothecary brand. The answer to your question is, "Order a sample and see what you think." I'm not making a Facebook page for this brand, but I do have an Instagram account, where I'll be sharing even more information about the scents. Please also sign up for my email list, which is the first place I'll inform everyone about new releases! 

Thanks for reading, and 


- SGC -