Shop Updates 2022

Hello there, thank you for checking in with me here at Notes by SGC. 

I've done a tiny bit of rebranding to make my collection more streamlined, which I think will allow me to create even more perfume!

notes by SGC organic perfumes

As you can see, all of my fragrances now come in a single size option: a 5 ml spray bottle. ($39.99) 

This way, you can use them up, change them up, and try something new whenever the mood strikes! 

For those of you who know you've got to have a big bottle of your favorite scent, there's also an option to order an extra-large 1 oz spray bottle. ($149.99) 

 But that's not all: I've also lowered the price of my samples to $4.99. (Down from $6.) Hopefully you can get yourself a few more to try! 

It may seem that I've been pretty quiet around here lately, but I'm always working on perfume ideas in the background. Natural perfumery is a slow process and my goal going forward is to only put my very best work out into the world. Good things take time!

I do have No. 11 in the works - as of now it's an ultra rich and sexy tuberose - but very much unfinished, so don't hold me to that! 

More ideas in the works: a "cedar" single note. (We need more base note options for layering, don't you think?) 

A bright and sunny mimosa focused floral! 

A green and spicy rose... 

I mean, the ideas never really stop. 

Patience, friends. 

(I'm saying this to myself too.) 

Cheers to good smells! 

- SGC -