• Shop Updates 2022

    Hello there, thank you for checking in with me here at Notes by SGC.  I've done a tiny bit of rebranding to make my collection more streamlined, wh...
  • Welcome to Notes

    If you're joining me from Twinkle Apothecary, hi. You might be wondering why I chose to open a second shop and make a whole new line of fragrances. Or, perhaps not - hopefully it makes perfect sense that I've created a separate space to explore my perfumery pursuits. 
  • Perfume Glossary

    Shopping for natural perfume online can be difficult, especially if you don't know the lingo. Don't worry though, you are definitely not alone. I've been making perfume for 5 years and I'm still learning how to write and what to say about what it is that I'm smelling. (I get the feeling that this is a lifelong process!) Here are my takes on a few key words you might be curious about... I'll update this post as necessary.